Autrice narrativa contemporanea

La verità è che non sei distante abbastanza


The truth is you're not distant enough 


A hypochondriac housebound with her ex-boyfriend during a global pandemic. Will she be able to survive the lockdown? 


March 2020.

Elena Tonelli is furious. Italy is in lockdown and she is stuck in Reggio Emilia, in an apartment she hates with Lorenzo, an ex boyfriend who cheated on her and from whom she would like to be much more than a meter away.

Things get even worse when she suddenly finds herself unemployed.

Separate meals, separate beds, separate shopping. The rules of imprisonment are clear but, even so, every day is a war.

An Hypochondriac in the midst of a global pandemic, Elena spends her days disinfecting any type of surface, from the 3,564 grout lines inr flat to the dog's paws. Lorenzo, on the other hand, is much more relaxed on the matter: he enters and leaves the house every day with ease, never saying where he is going, which drives Elena out of her mind.

As if that weren't enough, there are also the neighbors to give her the torment. The grumpy old man upstairs keeps throwing buckets of water from the balcony, and then there's the couple of dance musicians downstairs - the business of the Flashmob at 6pm seems to have gotten out of hand, and every day they feel compelled to entertain the neighborhood with the best of Italian 60s songs.

Luckily she has her friends, Rebecca, Asia and Giulia: despite the distance, they look out for her and stay connected through messages and video calls.

But Elena's gray days are especially brightened up by Alessandro, a charming young entrepreneur she met a few months ago, who seems to want much more from her than a chat.

Everything changes on the evening of March 18th, when the images of the army vehicles carrying the coffins away from the town of Bergamo appear on tv; for the first time, Elena and Lorenzo fully understand the gravity of what is happening outside their apartment. And then, even the quarrel on the toilet seat left up becomes meaningless. Unexpectedly, they start talking again and the ceasefire begins at home. Is it just a temporary truce, or a chance to rediscover what had once brought them together? And what will Alexander do? Will he stay and watch?

A fresh and lively novel that caresses the hearts with a breath of lightness, after the heavy months of lockdown. An ironic and sparkling romantic comedy with the power of making the readers laugh and sigh, because in the end, smiling is the most effective cure against the adversities of life. 



Vicki Satlow Literary Agency